Our Commitment....

COOL AS NEW, INC. Provides new "state of the art" on-site anti-freeze recycling and sensitive environmental soil/water redemption and purification services.

We are experts in our field and can completely implement the services necessary to successfully remediate the finalization of any waste management protocol.

We can adapt to specific environmental soil/water remediation and purification needs, these can include specific biological remediations as needed and when appropriate.
Ordinary soil/water clean-up work would normally entail hydration, aeration, filtration, and refortification. We are a special team formatted company that will adapt to specific need situations

We are E.P.A approved and fully licensed and insured!

We are professional and affordable!!



Our Organization....

Cool As New, an organization committed to the cause of preserving the environment, specializes in recycling waste anti-freeze and sensitive environmental soil/water remediation and purification services.

The recycling business is surrounded by sensitive issues, so we have conducted extensive research regarding the laws and regulations governing the recycling of waste anti-freeze. In doing so, we acquired a current and in-depth knowledge of governing parameters and requirements. In order to maintain our knowledge, we continuously educate ourselves on the issues surrounding the services we provide.

We understand and accommodate change so that we can continue to eliminate your risk. Our understanding of the laws and regulations allows us to enforce and ensure strict compliance.

Applying our knowledge, we formulated and refined our coolant recycling procedures. Our trained technicians use advanced filtration, aeration, and chemically assisted refortification technology.

Our recycling process accommodates and strictly adheres to government laws and regulations. Because of adherence to the law, we received a chemical patent as well as EPA approval.

In working with Cool As New, you receive a complete turn-key solution. We provide a full spectrum of waste anti-freeze recycling services and soil/water remediation and purification services, even more importantly, we assume the risk and liability that you would normally assume. As experts in our field, we are confident when we say we eliminate all risk associated with recycling and disposing of waste products.


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